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Big Splash Water Park

Big Splash Water Park
4707 East 21st Street

Big Splash Water Park opened in May of 1984.  After having been open just two weekends, Tulsa experienced its biggest flood on May 26-27, Memorial Day weekend.  Big Splash was closed for many weeks after this, as the park suffered extensive damage.  The water park back then had only one Kiddie-pool and no Master Blaster, but to this day, since the park opened in 1984, Big Splash still has the biggest wave pool in the Southwest.

Over a 30 year period there have been many changes to the Water Park.  In 1995, Management added the renowned Master Blaster to its attractions, the second to be installed and operated in the country at that time.  Through the 2001 swim season, the lifeguards were Red Cross certified.  Beginning in 2002, the park teamed up with Ellis and Associates.  All lifeguards are required to have a license good for only one year, thus requiring continued licensing each year.  In-service is also required each and every month to keep the license valid.  Unannounced audits are also done throughout the summer by Ellis and Associates.  Big Splash is very proud of its safety record.

Since 2002, new slides have been added to the Kiddie-pool area, new cabanas have been placed throughout the entire park, and new umbrellas and carpet have been added to the park as well.  

To this day, updates are being made with new computer technology, both in the offices and the park. This year alone, our wave pool has been installed with the latest technology to maximize your enjoyment.  

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