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Frontier Town and Fort Whaley

Frontier Town and Fort Whaley
8428 Stephen Decatur Highway

Celebratin' over 50 years of makin' great memories each and every day, we celebrate in the drama that surrounds that bygone era of the late 1800s. It was a time of cowboys out on the open range, of the Native Americans and the outlaws, of the saloons, the trains and the stagecoaches they plundered, and of the brave citizens and lawmen who brought order to the boomtowns of the wild American frontier.

We take great pride in sharing with you our tribute to the great American Old West. No other era in history has captured the emotions of Americans like the Old West. We feel pride from the successful conquest of the vast western land and share the courage with the brave settlers who tracked into the unknown on foot and by wagon train. American ambition dates back to the traders, prospectors, and shopkeepers who worked doggedly for a small fortune. Our respect and admiration goes to the cavalrymen, lawmen and gunfighters who, in spite of being outnumbered in an unfamiliar territory, protected the settlers, railroad crews and townspeople who extended civilization. Our affection for the Old West is the product of numerous writers, artists, and filmmakers who glorified it all. We also recognize those western heroes and their sidekicks who rode into our lives on the big screen and in television westerns not so long ago. We proudly tip our Stetsons to all the people that give us the Old West.

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