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Go-Karts Plus

Go-Karts Plus
6910 Richmond Road

Go-Karts Plus is now in it's third decade of fun!

1989 -The park is established on the original sight of the Great American Waterslide.

1993 - The park expands from 4 acres to 8 acres and adds the Super Stockart Track.

1995 - Bumper Cars and new arcade are added.

1996 - Rookie Track is added

1998- New Picnic Pavilion is added.

2004- The DISK'O' is added.

2006- Python Pit Coaster is added

2007 - Happy Kangaroo kiddie ride is added

2009 - Water Wars is added.

2010 - Arcade adds redemption machines and prizes.

2011 - Pizza themed Shooting Gallery is added.

2012 - Mini golf course is updated to a Gold Rush theme.

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